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Smart Tips to manage diabetes

Smart Tips

Physical activity and food are vital parts of any healthy lifestyle; however they take on a new importance when you have diabetes. Along with your medicines, staying active and following a healthy meal plan can help to maintain your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels within your target range.

Adopting an active lifestyle and changing your dietary habits can be little challenging initially, however, you may find it easier if you adopt small changes with the help of your doctor, family and friends.

Food and Nutrition

Healthy eating and meal planning is very important in managing your diabetes. Consult your Health Care Team to find out more about right food options for you. You can read Diabetes Australia dietary advice here here.

Active lifestyle

Along with many other health benefits, staying active can help to keep your blood glucose levels within your targets. Please consult your Health Care Team for suitable options for you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels

While adopting healthy lifestyle changes, it is important to know how these changes are affecting your blood glucose levels. Your CareSens blood glucose meter can help you to frequently monitor your blood sugar levels. Please consult your Health Care Team to discuss frequency of testing.