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JACKSON THOMAS writes: Chris Kanuta is inspiring others to do aqua aerobics after losing 25 per cent of his 240 kilograms.

Chris Kanuta

After losing 25 percent of his 240 kilograms, Chris Kanuta, 42, is attempting to inspire others to get active.Two years ago, the Avondale resident was almost a quarter of a tonne and couldn't walk more than five steps without a rest. He was also living with type two diabetes.

Then he found aqua aerobics and Jumpstart, an exercise, nutrition and lifestyle education programme for people with diabetes run by the YMCA. He is now down to about 180kg, and is half way through his journey to reach his goal weight


For Josephine Lio, what started out as being a supportive friend by going to the gym resulted in her joining the YMCA Jumpstart programme, because she wanted to make a positive change in her life. Before starting the programme Josephine said she often made poor food choices, and didn’t stick to ideal portion sizes.


What started out as being a friendly support, resulted in her joining the Jumpstart programme.


"Starting exercise is the hardest part and needs the most motivation. Start at a light intensity to build a strong foundation"


At the end of 2014, Joanne Currey received life-changing news. She had been diagnosed with diabetes, and told she was a “walking time bomb”.


Watch how Jumpstart helped change Jason's attitude towards his health with type 2 diabetes.


Health is a Choice