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Nov 23 2018

More choice as Pharmaco extends blood glucose meter range to five

Sydney, 14th November 2018 - Healthcare specialist Pharmaco Australia Limited has launched two new blood glucose meters and now has a range of five, giving people with diabetes more choice for managing their daily health, while fitting it in with their lifestyle.

The two new meters are the CareSens Dual, for both blood glucose and blood ketone measurement, and the CareSens N Premier.  Both of these meters are Bluetooth enabled and best suited for high volumes of testing.

The extended range, and their associated test strips, has been introduced in response to the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) announcing Pharmaco as one of the providers awarded a contract under its revised Product Schedule.  This is part of the Department of Health’s review of the blood glucose test strip sector.

The meters and test strips from the CareSens range will be available from diabetes healthcare professionals, nurse educators, pharmacies and online, starting 1st December 2018. 

Under the contract each of the five meters will be provided to people with diabetes free of charge, with test strips being available through NDSS pharmacies.    

Avi Ramcharan, Pharmaco’s Head of Business in Australia, says the aim is to offer people different meters to best suit their specific needs:

“Whether you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, are a regular or occasional tester, need audio readings because of visual impairment, Bluetooth communication or ketones measured as well, we have a meter to suit.

“The breadth of our range helps healthcare professionals to look at the specific needs of each person, before recommending a meter.  We want to give people control and comfort over the meter they recommend or use.

“Managing diabetes can be complex so it’s vital for meters to be easy to operate, accurate*, high quality and technically advanced, all of which are attributes of the CareSens range.”

Pharmaco has been providing blood glucose meters and test strips in Australia since 2014 and has also been the sole provider in New Zealand since 2012.

“This experience has meant a lot of listening to what people want from a blood glucose meter,” says Avi Ramcharan.  “Everyone needs reliability but also want great design that fits easily in the hand or pocket, and an easy to read screen.  Some want to test and go, while others need to test and analyse - each person has a different approach.”

The offer of an extensive range from one provider will also benefit healthcare professionals, pharmacy and wholesalers:

“This will help improve efficiency in the supply chain,” he says.

“The four meters that only measure blood glucose use the same CareSens N test strips, while the CareSens Dual uses two different test strips, PRO strips for the measurement of blood glucose and KetoSens strips for blood ketones.   Test strips for blood glucose are funded under the NDSS Product Schedule however, ketone test strips are not. 

“We also have one customer service contact telephone number for the whole range, offering highly supportive and very experienced help and advice.  This is available for patients, diabetes health professionals, nurse educators, pharmacies, doctors or anyone else needing assistance with any of our meters or strips.”

Pharmaco’s ability to provide this choice is a result of its partnership with i-SENS, a global leader in biosensor and electrochemistry technology, and the manufacturer of the CareSens range of blood glucose meters and strips, available in markets including America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Australasia.

The range of five meters are:  

  • CareSens N - a highly popular large screen meter, ideal for lower levels of testing
  • CareSens N POP - one of the smallest meters on the market, and has a backlit screen
  • CareSens N Voice - features audible readings for the visually impaired
  • CareSens Dual - measures both blood glucose and ketones, and is Bluetooth enabled
  • CareSens N Premier - suitable for larger volumes of testing and Bluetooth enabled for direct uploading of readings for self-analysis or sharing

All meters link with SmartLog software on desktops and laptops, on both Windows and MAC platforms, and compatible Apple and Android smartphones using the SmartLog app, so results can be analysed and shared with a caregiver or a healthcare professional monitoring results.  Monitoring supported by software helps improve diabetes management.

The CareSens test strips, (in the blue and white box) used with older style CareSens meters, will not be available on the NDSS Product Schedule from 1st March 2019, giving users three months from 1st December 2018 to transition to a new CareSens meter from the updated range.

Customer, healthcare professional and pharmacy support for the extended range of CareSens meters is being provided by Pharmaco Diabetes, a specialist division within Pharmaco Australia Limited. 

A diabetes health care professional portal featuring videos, self-help guides, advice and a meter ordering facility will be launched in December 2018.

Pharmaco Diabetes Customer Support is available through one number - 1800 114 610, between 7am - 8pm EST, seven days a week.  

Online orders can be made at